Group Trip
Build your memories with this application. Customize your trip as you wish and share your trip with your friends on social media. Go on a trip with people you don’t know, but you will be happy spending time with them
Document Management System
MC Squared |
Provide a structured project data repository process over intenal FTP server and LDAP Integration:
– Documents sharing business rules that guard user access
– Document maintenance workflow process for creation and reviewing
– Notification and Alert system on predefined statuses
– LDAP Integration for Authentication
– Activities tracking and Audit trail
Adam Travel Network
Integrated solution for Local Network of 30 points and merged Internet lines for faster access. Also Local Telephone Network and Monitoring system of 20 Cameras.
Private Guards
Inventory Count

Drug Stores and Pharmacies Inventory Count.

Integrated solution accepts Input excel sheet contains stocks and Output same sheet with actual quantities.

Inventory count is done using Mobile Barcode Reader

Cars and Drivers
management System. Finds
the shortest path for the car.
Also assigns a driver on a car
Booking Lap

Book lab for your medical analysis.
Patient can select lab for his analysis
out of all available labs based on price